Please note the following errors/changes for the Third Edition:

Page 34   The answer to Example 2.22 should be '1.992 nF' not '190 pF'
Page 50   In the solution to Example 3.3 'I1 = I3 - I2 = 0' should read 'I1 = I3 - I2'
Page 50   Example 3.2(b). In both furmulae references to V2 should be V1
Page 50   Example 3.3. R1 should be 110 ohm not 68 ohm (also in text on page 51)
Page 69   The equation for the voltage in Fig. 4.1(a) should be v = Vmax sin (2 pi f t)
Page 70   The equation for the voltage in Fig. 4.1(b) should be v = Vd.c. + Vmax sin (2 pi f t)
Page 70   The equation for the voltage in Example 4.1 should be v = Vmax sin (2 pi f t)
Page 76   L-C-R circuits. Series resonant circuit is shown in 4.13(a), parallel resonant in 4.13(d)
Page 77   The artwork for Figures 4.14 and 4.15 has been transposed (the captions and text are correct)
Page 77   Quality factor. The text should refer to Figure 4.16 not 4.19
Page 80   The formula for secondary voltage should be 'Vs = 4.44 f Ns Ømax'
Page 81   The second equation should read 'Pp = Ps thus Vp x Ip = Vs x Is'
Page 81   The turns-per-volt equation should read 'Np/Vp = Ns/Vs'
Page 310  The caption for Figure 17.18 should refer to 'four' not 'our'
Page 325  Under 'A further program' the reference to 'sun' should be 'run'
Page 349  The caption for Figure 19.33 should refer to '20 deg.C' not '25 deg.C'
Page 374  No answer given for 1.11(e). The answer should be 7.5
Page 374  Answer to 1.24 should be 1.01 x 10^6
Page 374  Answer to 2.12(b) should be 540 pF (not 360 pF)
Page 374  Answer to 2.20 should be (a) 90 mH and (b) 16.6 mH
Page 375  Answer to 2.14 is 0.655 J (charge is correctly shown as 20.79 mC).

Many thanks to readers for pointing these out - I hope they haven't caused you too many headaches!
These mistakes will be put right in the next edition but 
if you do find any other errors or 'oddities' please
let me know via e-mail to:



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